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I made it out to my second farm. If you’ll remember it was supposed to be my first farm, but due to an emergency that my hosts had, they had to cancel my first week with them.

They live in a suburb of Auckland called Drury (more specifically Runciman) which is roughly 30 minutes south of the city. I took a bus on Monday at 12:45 and wouldn’t be able to be picked up by Sylvie until 2:30. I found the local library and occupied myself by catching up with in my journal. She collected me and we headed to the house where she and her husband Prakash live. They have various fruit trees and cows on their 2.1 hectares of land.

In addition to their emergency the week before, I learned on the car ride that they would be having friends and family over to their house the following day for a Valentine’s Day dinner. I had mentioned that I was planning on meeting Cassie in the city, and they said that that was perfect as they wanted me to make myself scarce. Unfortunately, Cassie needed to reschedule our plans for Friday, so I kept quiet upstairs watching Last Week Today with John Oliver.

Tuesday, I worked on maintenance on the livestock fencing around the property. Finding posts that needed reinforcement with u-nails and securing the metal lines along them. Pretty straight forward, I listened to podcasts and passed the time on the cool day.

On Wednesday morning, I went downstairs for breakfast in my work clothes, ready to get started, when Sylvie asked if I was having a day off. She told me that they usually have wwoofers work a day, then take a day to explore. I jumped at the opportunity. I worked out a train ticket into the city, packed my camera in a bag, and I was off.

I’m glad that I had that particular day off, as it has been raining all day today (Thursday) and looks to do the same tomorrow. Since Cassie was working, I rode the train up north past her part of town to the wharf area to walk around and shoot photos and find breweries.

Check the photos from my day wandering the city.

• A brief reflection concludes this post •


Woman in red dress - train to Auckland














As I sat at a restaurant having a beer (Dr. Rudi’s: photo at the top overlooking the harbor), I thought about the day. It was fun having a day to myself just walking around with no agenda. Taking random turns down streets, seeing where they went to, and simply shooting. It’s something that I’ll plan days for on future trips instead of trying to fill all of my time on farms. It was new and exciting to out in a busy area with no tour guide and no set plan of location or time.