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Monday, the day before heading back to the States. Since Cassie was working, I thought I would catch a cab into the city and have another day of wandering. It gave me a chance to explore some brewery tasting rooms and snap some photos. A month had already passed since my last solo mission downtown. You can look back at the entry dated 2/13/17 – 2/15/17.

The last time I was in the city, Sue told me that she wished I would’ve told her I was just walking around downtown. She told me the next time I was in the area that I should go into Curator; the café that her mother and sister-in-law work at. I had my uber driver drop me off at the location and I stopped in to say hello. I chatted with the two for a bit, had a long-black and did some writing.

I finished my coffee and stepped out onto the street. I explored the surrounding area and people watched for awhile.





I made my way down to the waterfront as I had done a month before. Being from Montana, the ocean is a bit of a novelty to me.


I had seen this guy a month before while I was having a beer and looking out the window, and I got a second chance to catch him.



The following is a bad photo, but I wanted to share it because this guy farted on me while we stood waiting to cross. What a clown.



At this point I needed something cold to drink. Cassie said that I should check out the other Brothers Brewing, which was their original location. Walking in the hot New Zealand sun, I kept my mind on a sweating glass of beer.


On my way, I found a co-op brew pub. It’s basically a tasting room with a variety of beers on tap. I chatted with the server about the beers and the local breweries. She gave me a free periodical containing articles on local beers. I read a couple of articles as I sipped. I finished up my drink and continued on my way.

A couple more blocks down, I found Brothers Brewing. I ordered and did some writing.


I had 2 or 3 beers as I sat in the shade outside. After while I moseyed on. Cassie mentioned that the Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen is a cool place, so I dialed it into my phone and made my way there next. It was just over the hill.

I had the patio all to myself; I suppose because everyone was at work. We can’t all be on vacation in New Zealand, enjoying beers in the middle of the day.


I liked their menus and decor.


Their food was amazing. I’d definitely go there again.


They also give haircuts. I’m not sure why.



After another beer or two, I hailed an uber, and headed back to Cassie’s as she was getting off work. We finished the evening by walking up Mt. Eden at sunset. It was beautiful.


We stood on top of Mt. Eden, and I reflected on the time I had spent in New Zealand. There were ups and downs. There were times that were hard and times that went smoothly. From working in a different place every couple of weeks and working for different people with different expectations, to sitting on Cassie’s bed eating dumplings and quoting lines as we watched our favorite episodes of Peep Show. It was all very enjoyable. I look forward to my next adventure, wherever it may be.


The day that I left, Cassie made me breakfast and her delicious coffee. Then we spent the day running some errands. We got lunch at a great chicken place called Nandos. Then it was time to get all packed up and prepared for my flight later that evening.

My flight was set to depart at 7:40 in the evening. Cassie took me to the airport around 5:20 as she wanted to have a drink with me before I left, as well as give me enough time to get through customs and security. I got my large backpack checked and we found a bar upstairs. I had a local beer and Cassie had a glass of sauvignon blanc. We sipped and chatted, enjoying our final hours together.


We finished our drinks and we walked the short distance to where I would leave her and begin the process of going through customs. We hugged and kissed goodbye and I held the moment as long as I could. We said our goodbyes and I walked towards the security doors. I looked back and saw her watching me go, and I waved and was on my way back to Montana.

Thanks for reading and following my adventure. If you’ve followed the story from the beginning, you are a lovely friend and I appreciate you taking an interest in my life.

Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


– Fletcher