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On Sunday, we needed to get my phone situation worked out. But first we needed some beers and lunch. Cassie took me to a bar called Portland Public House, which is one of the first bars she went to solo when she moved here. We enjoyed local beers while munching chicken tacos and deep fried risotto balls.

One thing I’ve noticed is that there are seemingly more makes of vehicles that I can’t recognize than those that I’m familiar with. On of the stranger models that I’ve seen while down here:


We hit the bank to change my American cash to New Zealand currency, and then hit the Spark cellular store. People watched along the way.



Man and dog eating ice cream

Cassie had told me about Brothers Brewery that she liked that has a great interior.




On Monday, we met up with Cassie’s friends and had breakfast at an Asian restaurant that serves in the format called Yum Cha. The employees walk around with carts with various dishes that you can request, and they mark the item down on your ticket. Then it was off to the beach for more sun burns and beers.

Cassie at the beach.